About Waterco USA

Waterco’s multi-award winning pool and spa products are high quality, diverse and continually evolving to reflect advancements in modern pool and spa technology.

From the very latest MultiCyclone pre-filters, next generation heat pumps and multi-speed pumps, to some of the most energy efficient LED pool lights on the market, Waterco is committed to bringing you the very best pool and spa innovations


Commercial Filters

• Micron Side Mount Fibreglass Filters
• Micron Side Mount Deep Bed
• Hydron Split Tank Filter
• Micron Side Mount Nozzle Plate Deep Bed Series Filters
• Micron Top Mount Fibreglass Filters
• Multicyclone 70XL Centrifugal Filter
• Micron Horizontal Commercial Filter






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AquaQuartz™ Pool Filter Sand

Fairmount Minerals is a nationwide supplier of premium, high-purity AquaQuartz Pool Filter Sand. AquaQuartz cleans pool water and keeps it clear. It is inert, odorless, ecologically safe and will not solidify. It will not stain and will help prevent clogging.

Features & Benefits

• Specifically produced for residential and commercial sand filters
• 100% Natural—no chemicals added
• Filters out dirt, dust, algae, hair, makeup, suntan oil, leaves and insects
• Meets precise specifications of major pool and sand manufacturers
• Meets all AWWA B100 recommendations Specifically blended to achieve superior performance
• Available in white or buff colors
• Available in #20 grade and high-rate grade for industrial applications
• No UV degradation – Durable plastic bags can be store outside
• Private label packaging available
• Delivery or pick-up at plant
• Nationally distributed

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GreenStory Global Pool & Spa Filtration

For the last two years, there have been many articles, presentations, and studies that describe the issues from the concentration of heavy metals, organic compounds, and biologicals in pools and spas.

As water evaporates, the toxins concentrate and water quality declines.

We have proprietary technology that can address these issues, as well as the experience to service retail markets, filling the need with products new to the market.

Our GreenStory Technology is unlike anything on the market today.

By adding a patented innovative compound, our products are capable of permanently removing free, emulsified, and dissolved hydrocarbons and other harmful organics in the water to significantly low levels.

Our certified technology does three important things to ensure cleaner, clearer water:
• Removes heavy metals
• Removes hydrocarbons
• Removes sediment

Our Complete Product Line Includes:

• Total Filtration Systems (multiple sizes for pools and spas)
• Backwash Housings
• Metal Monster Filling FIltration System
• Universal Replacement Filters for all major brands
• GreenStory Advanced Media Replacement
• Oil Grabber Skimmer Discs
• Chemicals